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Album Review: Xentrifuge: Desensitized Parallels "With layers of noise, insidious vocals and starkly raw synth pads, the album weaves a dark tapestry of foreboding late night alleys......" April 9, 2018 by FZB

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Too Much Love Magazine - Xentrifuge shares Circles of Dust  Feb 20, 2018  "Hot off the heels of our premiere of Xentrifuge's 'Circles of Dust' music video and just before the release of their next album "Desensitized Parallels" (Pre-Order HERE), Chris X and Lisa Hellen sat down with us to discuss with us their harsh industrial visual spectacle and their latest and greatest work of art." March 2018 Xentrifuge presents Circles Of Dust  Feb 20, 2018

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Metal Temple Magazine "XENTRIFUGE's Chris X and Lisa Hellen: "Writing Industrial music is a constant and never-ending learning experience – from learning new tech, to music theory, to developing our own techniques and pushing boundes." Feb 16, 2018 

The Aquarian Weekly- New Dark Age   "Next up at 11 p.m. came NJ-based, but internationally acclaimed harsh industrial duo, Xentrifuge, a rivethead-styled couple whose high-tech appearance is in accord with their robust aggro-tech sound. We were familiar with them because they had been selected as Fan Favorite at the recent Darkside of the Con this past spring. Severe and intensely colored lighting glared through an intermittently thick cloud to reveal the stunningly attractive pair. Black leather-clad and sporting shaved sides, Chris Xentrifuge took center stage to issue hissing, nihilistic vocals backed by his gorgeous better half Lisa Helen, who stood behind playing a keyboard and regulating the complex synthetic accompaniment consisting of catchy, mantra-like, repetitive melodies woven into hypnotic, mechanistic rhythms. Their set consisted of seven songs with titles like “Cerebral Ruins” and “Machine Winter,” which go a long way toward characterizing the motif of their style. They are perfectly suited for their next gig which will be to open for Stabbing Westward at the Gramercy this August." Doktor John July 19, 2017

Cryptic Rock  "Following next was the more Industrial duo known as Xentrifuge. Consisting of Vocalist Chris X and Synth player Lisa Hellen, they dished out more of a harsh brand of Industrial music that had everyone moving" August 25, 2017