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Xentrifuge Interview

"The band run the Industrial Music International Facebook Group which is where I became familiar with their works. They will be playing Wave-Gotik Treffen this year and rightfully so having put out some great material in their previous albums and with their devilishly good sense of style. Not only that but they recently supported Combichrist during their tour solidifying their place as one of this year's bands to look out for and discover for yourself.

Desensitized Parallels is a must listen album on Spotify right now which will be well suited to for fans of bands such Psyclon 9, ESA, and the harsher noisier side of industrial and hellektro. It is wonderfully atmospheric putting me in the mind set of having a dark rave aboard the Nostromo (The ship in the origin Alien film) or the ship in 'Event Horizion' it is a wonderful addition to the terror catalogue of music should you be on the look out for more.

I asked the band a few questions in the run up to WGT:
Q. First of all, your music reminds me of Psyclon Nine in that wonderful harsh noise way and the visceral lyrics, would you say they influence Xentrifuge?

A. Chris X: Yes Psyclon 9 is one of our all time favorites. We were label mates in the early 2000's- both on NoiTekk Records. We managed to keep a long distant relationship, so to speak. Nero mastered our first single from "Desensitized Parallels" and in fact....."

Wave Gothic Treffen 2019!

We are very excited that Xentrifuge has been invited for WGT 2019!
Thanks to all who made this possible! 🌙🔹✖

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"Xentrifuge really seem to like playing not only with the variation the rhythms but also whilst doing so, creating spaces within. Lulls that then suddenly project you forward. You can hear the echo’s of influences such as Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb but in a modern vision of the post apocalyptic cyber age."

Lisa Hellen and Chris X still shot

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